Ready for Launch

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” -Benjamin Franklin

You are here for a reason. Plain and simple, the fact that you are reading this means there is some reason for which you’ve arrived upon these words. You might be saying “so what” or “who cares,” and I’d be happy to tell you.

It means that we already have a connection. A small connection, yes, but a connection nonetheless. Whether you’re a fellow writer, reader, or somewhere in between, it means that we have the chance to form a community.

And since we’re likely meeting for the first time, it only makes sense to tell you a little about myself. I’ve been an avid writer and reader since I can remember. I wrote my first slew of stories in 3rd grade, taking to the page with childish excitement when I found the power that one could wield with a pencil.

Yes, the stories were complete junk, but ignorance is bliss.

Using my wide ruled paper, I sat down with the goal of writing 20 pages for each story. In mymind, I knew I didn’t have enough content to generate 20 pages of story. And as a 3rd grader, I had no idea what plotting or outlining was (no one told me!).

But I sat down with my paper and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote until I reached that 20 page mark. And let me tell you, that was good feeling! Junk? Nonsense! To me it was a masterpiece. Sure, it contained probably 50 times more adverbs than it should have, but there it was.

20 pages.

You’re reading this now, almost two decades later, because of those 20 pages. It was the springboard into the creative literary pond for me, one that I’ve been swimming around in since. And now our paths have crossed. We are in that pond together, as readers and writers.

It is my hope to share experiences, information, and resources with you as we kick-off our new community. If you are a writer, I hope to network and share with you in the writing process, from the twinkle of an idea to the finished product. As a reader, we will discuss our latest reads, new and trending works, and resources available to readers.

I encourage comments and feedback from you, as I hope to make this a place for discussion and networking. I just ask that you respect each other’s opinions, have an open mind, and refrain from cursing or using derogatory language.

I am looking forward to forming a community with you as we make this swim together, regardless of what stage you are in your swim. Which begs the question:

Where are you in your journey as a reader or writer?

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